VIA| Wow. This is extremely sad and just shows how crazy the sport can be. I have seen knockouts that looked just as brutal and the dudes get back up.

UPDATE: According to Tim Hague family on Facebook he has passed away. I will update a link here if a GoFundMe appears.

According to CBC in Canada: An MMA fighter is in critical condition after being knocked out in a boxing match in Edmonton on Friday.

Tim Hague was knocked out by Adam Braidwood in a fight at the Shaw Conference Centre. He was taken to hospital in critical condition. In the video, Braidwood is seen knocking Hague down multiple times.

WARNING: Some people may find this video disturbing

Hague’s family issued a statement Saturday and said he is with all his immediate family.

“He is in critical condition,” the statement said. “We ask for prayers and privacy at this awful, unexpected time.”

On Sunday morning, Hague’s sister, Jackie Neil, said in a post on Facebook that he remains in critical condition.

“He hasn’t been alone since this happened. He is receiving the absolute best care, and we are so appreciative of all the doctors and nurses,” Neil said.

Hague, who fights out of Edmonton, also fought in the UFC.

“It was a clear mismatch” says fellow fighter

Ryan Ford, a fighter who has trained with Hague since 2008, was in the stands watching Friday night. He said the fight looked like a clear mismatch.

“[Braidwood] fights full-time,” Ford told CBC News on Saturday. “Where Tim Hague is a school teacher and does this part-time, and it shows in the ring.”

The YouTube video is getting a ton of dislikes. A lot of people in the comments are pissed:

That ref is a fucking piece of shit. Why didn’t he stop the fight? Now Tim’s in a fucking coma. What an asshole I hope he never ref’s again.

Why wasn’t this stopped in the 1st? 3 knock downs and a “slip” if im not mistaken. no 3 kd’s is a tko win? ill add, im not much of a boxing guy so maybe im misunderstanding something

I thought the same thing. Maybe the ref knew Hague use to be a really tough guy & gave him the benefit of the doubt. I don’t know what to think about it other than it’s terrible news & the 2nd Canadian heavyweight to be in a coma the last few weeks. Prayers to the Hague & Whittom families…

ref should never officiate anything ever again, he coast a man life last night

Dude… He shoulden’t have been allowed to fight. 1 win in his last 5 MMA fights, 4 losses all KO/TKO’s. Looked awful here, Real slow, Not much technique and getting Knocked down every round..

Here is a video a video of just the knockout from the fight. Like I said this may be disturbing to some viewers: