President Donald Trump’s lawyers Marc Kasowitz and Jay Sekulow are going to file a complaint with the Department of Justice against former FBI director James Comey. This could happen as soon as next week the legal team says.

Washington Examiner reported Kasowitz, who operates as Trump’s outside legal team in the Russia probe, will indeed submit a complaint with the DOJ’s Inspector General and the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Comey took on questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee two weeks ago. He stopped short of accusing Trump of trying to eliminate the bureau’s Russia investigation, but Comey said he was worried about portions of what Trump stated to him during many phone and in-person meetings this year.

Comey also stated that Trump lied when he claimed the FBI was in shambles at the time of Comey’s dismissal.

Trump’s team hopped on Comey that day and has been putting together a complaint against the former FBI Director since that happened.

The Department of Justice hired on former FBI Director Robert Mueller to function as a special counsel for its Russia investigation.

This doesn’t come as a shock for either end of the Russia “investigation.” Trump and Russia didn’t collude, otherwise, there would have been some sort of evidence put together by now and leaked to the liberal mainstream media like CNN and MSNBC. The secret wouldn’t have been holding onto for so long.

Any opportunity to get the Trump out and the globalists will take it. The Deep State operatives have done a great job pretending they have evidence of something that never happened, but we in independent media seem to know better.

What do you think of the legal team filing a complaint against Comey? Do you think that they should pursue this to the fullest extent of the law?