London’s Muslim Mayor Stops Pretending He’s Not A Jihadist … REFUSES To…



Last Sunday, the terrorist flag of Hezbollah flew across London during the annual anti-Israel al-Quds Day.

The distinctive yellow flag features the image of a military assault rifle and “The Party of Allah Shall Be Triumphant – The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon” in Arabic script.

Al-Quds Day was established in 1979 by the late Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini with the cheery aim of calling for the State of Israel to be destroyed.

Hezbollah has both a “paramilitary” (i.e. terrorist) wing and a political wing.
The Arab League, United States, France, the Gulf Cooperation Council, Canada, the Netherlands, and Israel have all designated Hezbollah in any form as a terrorist organization.

However, the U.K., in its infinite wisdom of tolerance, has designated the “paramilitary” side as a terrorist organization, while recognizing the “political side” as legitimate. As such, the Hezbollah march was permitted in London last Sunday.

In the wake of three major Islamic terror attacks in the U.K. you can imagine some “sensitivity” about allowing the group to march through the streets of London waving flags.
Per Breitbart, At a Greater London Assembly meeting on Thursday, UKIP Assembly Member David Kurten asked the London mayor if he would approach the home secretary to call for the political wing of Hezbollah to be proscribed as a terror organization, “because that will close the loophole to stop people marching through the streets of London with a flag with a gun on it.”

To perhaps the surprise of no one, Sadiq Khan refused, saying saying he will need to consider if it is the “right thing to do.”

A heated exchange ensued between Conservative Assembly Member Andrew Boff and Khan, during which Boff attempted to get Khan’s consent.

Boff accused Khan of not doing his job, saying the mayor “seem[ed] to be avoiding saying: ‘Yes I’ll [write to the home secretary].”

Again, Mr. Khan said he would read Mr. Boff’s letters and “consider whether there is evidence to make the submissions you want me to make”.

The Tory member replied: “I’ll join you when you start doing your job, Mr. Mayor… Thank you very much for those answers, I’m sure Londoners will be fascinated with your lack of willingness to address this problem.”

Mr. Boff could be heard saying to his colleagues he felt he was “not getting any more out of him [Mr. Khan]”, and saying the response was the most “useless answer that I’ve ever seen in this assembly.”

So what does this tell you about Mayor Sadiq Khan? Probably nothing more than we didn’t already suspect. VIA