Scalise’s HERO, Crystal Griner, Threw 1st Pitch At Game, How LIBERAL RESPONDED Is INFURIATING & DEPLORABLE [VIDEO]



AW| Leave it to the political left to take a hero and boil them down to their skin color and sexual orientation, which is precisely what they’ve done to Capitol Police Officer Crystal Griner.

Griner was one of the law enforcement agents injured during the shooting at a Congressional baseball practice where members of the GOP were specifically targeted by an out-of-control Bernie Sanders supporter.

Most of the left-leaning news outlets and pundits have neglected to put her name in the headlines, choosing instead to politicize her act of heroism and make it into some sort of ironic twist of fate for those “mean, bigoted Republicans.”

Griner is a black lesbian, and that’s all liberals apparently see when they look at her and what she has done.

According to Twitchy:

Sorry George Takei and the rest of the progressive world who wants to focus on this woman’s skin color and persuasion, but she has a name and it’s Crystal Griner.

This hero who saved the lives of possibly hundreds of people threw out the first pitch in today’s Congressional Women’s Softball Game:

up. Classy right?

We actually left many comments on this thread out of this piece because they were just that awful. And guess which political party they had listed in their bio? Rhymes with Schmeocrats.

It’s sad that identity politics has become such a huge part of the discussions we have about social issues these days, particularly when this young woman did her job with the goal of saving lives.

It was the right thing to do, and Griner did it well. Her skin color and sexual orientation do not matter when it comes to her acts of heroism. She should surely be honored for what she did, and that includes putting her name in lights.