Cher BASHES Melania Trump & Barron



VIA| You’ll never guess the latest celebrity to pick a fight with Melania Trump.

Cher decided to put Melania on blast for no apparent reason in the early morning hours on Friday, saying that the first lady always looks “sad” and “angry.” She also said she feels “bad” for Melania.

Uhm WHAT? Melania and Trump have a great marriage, check out how cute they were in this 2016 interview, around 02:25:

She then questions President Trump’s relationship with his son Barron by saying she’s never seen the President “hug, give nuggies, or play with his son.”

I don’t know where these celebrities get the nerve to attack our amazing First Lady and an 11-year-old boy. Given all the assassination ‘jokes’ going around lately, I guess they feel like anything is ok.

Melania took it all in stride though. She made no comment about Cher’s nasty remarks, and instead boarded Air Force one with her husband and son to spend the 4th of July weekend in New Jersey.

The First Family escapes all of the haters for a Fourth of July weekend in New Jersey.
Source: Youtube, Live Satellite News

We love the first lady and Barron, and are so tired of hearing them being relentlessly mocked by the press and celebrities. You know it was practically forbidden to say anything about Michelle Obama or Obama’s relationship with his daughters. Cher thinks it’s ok to say these things about Melania and Barron though for some reason- Share this 1 million times to show her that it’s not!